Sep. 16. Post One.


I love reading. It's how I learn, how I relax, and how I kill time. I'm quite good at it, I suppose, and a do it a lot. Like I said, I learn best by reading, as well as by watching. Last year, I read so many books that sometimes my reading log overflowed. I can write down my thinking, but it takes a lot of concentration because I'm usually too lost in the book to notice or care. I know I have to work on this, but it's really hard for me because my constant immersion with the state of mind called "flow". When I read, I don't know I'm reading until I have to turn the page. Unless, of course, it's louder and more disruptive than "Flight of the Bumblebee" on minimum volume. Note: Flight of the Bumblebee is my favorite song! I fully recommend anybody who's reading to listen to it. But I digress. My final note on how I learn with reading: I read all the time if I can help it.

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