Writing Reflection

What I notice about myself as a writer is that I like to put humor into it, and that I say "suddenly" and exclamation points too often. I sometimes need better transitions. I notice too that I am trying very hard in my writing to make it make sense. I notice that I am a writer who tries to make absolutely everything make sense and sound great at the same time. By the way, that is very hard.

I've changed as a writer so far in the fact that I couldn't make anything good. "Good" as in something easy to understand, something that makes the writer feel like he/she is in the story, and something with a hooking lead and a phenomenal ending. At least I can 1 or 2 of those now, sometimes even all four if I work really hard at it, at least at some parts of the story. I think the think I have improved most at out of all four would be the "lead" part. I feel like I have improved a lot with leads.

Three things I do well. I've already mentioned one of them, leads. I think I've got the hang of putting the worm on the hook, not just the hook or the worm. Also, I think most of the time my story flows. I can put the story in order pretty well, though my transitions sometimes get in a little trouble. And thirdly, I am quite content with my use of punctuation and spelling. I think it comes from reading so much!

I want to get stronger at endings. I really don't like a single ending I've ever written. All of them are too feeble, too dramatic, or don't sound like endings. You know, like when the audience sits there for five minutes after the stand-up comedian backs off the stage before they start clapping? I'm also not good at all at placing exclamation points sparingly, so I'll have to work on that too. Thirdly, I sometimes don't put enough detail becuase the picture is so embedded in my mind.

My favorite piece that I wrote is the short story Fang. It's about a dog, a rat and a girl and some supernatural occurrences involving a school and an angry water fountain. I liked it becuase of all the humor I put in it and my really strong ending.

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