My Specials Learning, March 12

In Chinese I have learned a lot, especially involving tones. I can pronounce pinyin correctly and if I know the word I can usually say the right tones when reading characters. It is hard to remember characters, but I can usually figure the general meaning from the measures words preceding the word. I plan to focus more on characters as I have mostly mastered pinyin but am having a little trouble remembering characters.
I admit I am a below-average artist but I enjoy Art. I have learned how to use proportion in portraits, such as in our self-portrait and Great Ape Portraits, but I have trouble drawing noses using shading. I should concentrate on that and other parts of shading that I am having trouble with.
In Music a real success has been my sight reading. It used to be not very good; I fumbled with notes and the beat, but now I am very confident with my sight-reading ability. I really enjoy music and I really want to learn so I work very hard at it, and I have several ASA's involving music. I am having very little trouble with Music this year.
In PE this year I have certainly learned a lot. In particular the gymnastics and volleyball units I learned tons, such as how to do a really good cartwheel or backward roll, or how to set a volleyball correctly. The only problem I'm having is in arm strength, so I should practice push-ups and the like more often.
has gone just as smoothly as it's always done. The new thing we learned was about the different kinds of communication and how to communicate well. This I had no trouble with, nor with anything else.

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