My Story of Learning

I have completed my math goal, which was to memorize at least 10/12ths of the 12 times table. I am now able to recite the entire 12s times table, 12 and 7 included, at a very reasonable speed. In other parts of math I am also feeling at least a little satisfied, except for the speed in which it takes me to answer some "raw" questions such as '13 x 47'. Let's see, uh, 611. Anyway, I need to get faster. My next goal will be to get faster in these sorts of problems, though to measure it exactly I wouldn't know.
In reading I have also overshot my goal, which makes me think I may be setting goals that are too easy. My goal for reading is to experience 7 different genres in April, and here in March I have read 15. Also in reading I am content with my vocabulary and spelling, though not in my ability to recognize adverbs. My next goal will be to recognize the adverb in any sentence that contains an adverb in June.
My writing goal was to write a hooking beginning and satisfying endings to the pieces I will write. I think I need a bit more work on this, as my narrative's ending seems weak. So in June, I will look back again.
I think I need to be more organized in Grade 6, so I will focus on that, using binders and stuff like that.
In math, I think a real success has been me learning the algorithm lots of different algorithms that I'd never really understood or used before. I now alternate a lot. It takes up a lot less space. It used to be a real challenge but I concentrated on using it so it got easy. In reading a success was reading different genres. I used to read a lot of only fantasy and not much else, but now I read many different genres. But in reading it's been a really smooth year and I haven't had any big problems. My realistic fiction piece has been a success in writing: I made the reader inference and I used as much description I could that didn't make it tedious; but I had some trouble keeping dialogue out of the story. I was supposed to use as little dialogue as possible, (after all, it was a short story) but it always seemed to creep in. My strategy was to flip around conversation into narrative, such as instead of "'Ungh!'", I said: "He grunted". This seemed to work well enough.

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